Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looks Like we lucked out yet another year and as a bonus, no injuries this year and better yet NO WALT!!

I will post some pics once I get them uploaded.

Yes Yes Killens Pond Campground is on 13, not 113 Dupont Highway.

Thursday night departure was a mess. I had a doctors appointment at 3pm had to go back to work to get the trailer. I hooked up the trailer and headed home, when I got home the front right tire was smoking. I had to take the tire off but couldn't find anything wrong with it but it was so hot you couldn't touch it.

I decided to take down the other suburban and realized I had no mirrors, Laura was at the allergist with Amanda and stopping at the bank, so I unhitched the truck went back to work and picked up the mirrors.
When I got back Laura had to go to a Parent Teacher meeting, pick up my prescription so we swapped trucks, I hitched up the other truck but there's about a 4 or 5 inch difference in the truck Heights, so I had to increase tension on the bars to transfer more weight to the front tires.

And of course I had to step in dog shit to top it off.
About 20 minutes into the trip I realized I had no money...I forgot to get the cash from Laura!

Adam and myself arrived around 10pm Thursday Night?
Bill and his buddies were already setup with a good fire going I think they were in C-9 we were in C-6
John and Eric decided to drive down to Maryland and make a U-Turn to get to Killens. First night was a late night we all stayed up till around 4pm, I believe.

Hot dogs and Beer for a snack.

Friday Morning I cooked breakfast in the camper, we werent set up outside yet due to the weather and staying up late. We had Eggs over easy, sausage patties and hash browns.

Weather wasn't too bad so we setup a few thinks like the Camp chef and easy up. It was a bit windy but the wind was broken up by the trees.

Chili and dogs for lunch, I made sure to turn on the exhaust fan and crack a window before bed)

Adam threw on a couple of frozen pizza's for dinner and we just chilled around the fire having some cold ones.

I took a few of Bills crew for a tour around the pond at around 10pm. visibility was bad, dark and a slight drizzle. It took us about 2 hours to do the hike, we didn't see anything but a tribble!

Saturday Morning Adam hooked us up with some egg, bacon, cheese and sausage sandwiches... eating healthy as usual.

The weather was better today, the wind had died down a bit and we dodged the rain.

For dinner we had London broil, (tenderized to death with an ax), and Baked potatoes...simple but good.

Another typical evening, hanging out by the fire, throwing a few back. I was a bit under the weather, fighting an infection and weathering the side affects of anti-biotics, if you know what I mean.

I crashed early I think 10pm or even earlier, Saturday night was a blur... no I wasn't drinking.

Sunday Morning we got up early, Had some egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches, we omitted the sausage this time because we are health conscious you know!

And yes you guessed it......the wind completely stopped, the sun came up and was near 70 degrees by the time we left.

John and Eric headed home, (I hope they went home differently than they came down).
Adam and myself went to the dump, sounds funny don't it. Well anyway at the dump there were 2 rigs ahead of us so we topped of the tires and then the wildest thing happened.

The guy in front of us was kneeling down in front of his rig dumping the black tank.

Now before I go any further you need to get a visual, do you remember the Hicks that were helping Robin Williams dump his tanks. Well the setup was similar the guy is kneeling right in front of the outlet, about chest high, when all of a sudden.

please stop reading if you have a weak stomach

The thing explodes into shit everywhere, it was like he got hit with a fire-hose or something, I turned to Adam and said LOOKAWAY ADAM!


2009 Lackawanna Camping Trip

Random thoughts:

Print out directions before you leave
I will leave the Mandolin slicer home this year.
Bruce will be making deep fried pancakes.
How many pallets, 30? 40?
Don't forget that Parrot Bay
Will our asshole camp buddy bust our nuts this year.
I will be bringing the rain gear.

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